Current Openings

We are currently Hiring for a Learning Facilitator to work over the Fall 2023/Spring 2024 session and beyond.

WoW Learning Facilitator Job Description

Key Details
Hours: Part-time (approximately 15 hours/week) or full-time (approximately 35 hours/week),
flexibility with specific days/times. For part time, we are particularly looking for coverage in the
morning. WoW operates Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 4pm
Location: Unceded Lisjan Ohlone lands – Miller Knox Regional Shoreline, Richmond, CA
Rate: $25/hour

About Without Walls Learning Cooperative (WoW)
WoW is an outdoor self-directed learning community, run by families and a handful of
facilitators who are deeply committed to co-creating spaces for children to thrive. We strive to
be a part of a revolution in education–a learning space that is non-coercive, anti-oppressive,
while centering children’s agency, joy, and collective liberation. We trust children to lead their
own learning with the support of a loving community of adults. We make space for children to
explore, inquire, create and grow with the freedom to be their whole selves. We value
community, collaboration, social and racial justice, liberation, and being child-centered. Our
community welcomes children ages 5-18 and currently includes children ages 5-12.

Learning facilitators support the social-emotional growth of a mixed age group of children.
Through observation and awareness of developmental needs and abilities, facilitators create
opportunities for children to reflect on their decisions as they engage with other community
members, and support their emergent learning. Facilitators model clear communication,
collaboration, and curiosity as they collaborate with learners to develop a safe and respectful
space, and an inclusive culture that supports both individual and collective needs.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Be attuned to what children are playing, interested in, and working on.
  • Assess the developmental levels and needs of learners and provide appropriate support, and guidance to meet those needs. Provide offerings that support and expand children’s emergent interests and play.
  • Ensure children’s safety and family-determined boundaries
  • Model effective conflict resolution/restorative justice processes for all community members as they engage with children
  • Engage meaningfully in co-creating WoW’s emergent culture
  • Attend quarterly membership meetings and bi-monthly SDE meetings
  • Participate in monthly professional development meetings with other facilitators
  • Maintain open, direct, and honest communication with teachers, families, Program Coordinator, and Community Council

Who We’re Looking For
In order to best support our emerging community and reflect the wider Richmond community
in which we work and play, we strongly encourage and seek applications from BIPOC educators,
including bilingual/multilingual individuals, as well as members of the LGBTQI+ communities. In
addition, we’re looking for people who are:

  • BIPOC educators!
  • Passionate about self-directed and child-centered learning
  • Love being outdoors and in nature (in all weather elements!)
  • Committed to relationship building, social and racial justice, and creating inclusive learning spaces
  • Excited about working and collaborating with a scrappy and deeply committed co-op of families
  • Committed to self-reflection and continued learning and growth as educators and humans, and are able to receive constructive feedback with appreciation
  • Willing to un-learn conventional schooling practices and create liberatory learning spaces for children
  • Able to work effectively and collaboratively with a team of facilitators and families
  • Strong interpersonal communicators
  • Flexible and adaptive
  • Reliable, particularly regarding punctuality onsite
  • Passionate about their own skills, hobbies, and interests and willing to share with children in authentic and non-coercive ways
  • Love to play and have fun!

Preferred Experience and Skills

  • Experience or interest in creating social justice offerings, holding an anti-racist framework, and a commitment to continuous personal anti-oppression work
  • Familiarity with co-op models
  • Bi or multi-lingual
  • 3 years (or more) experience working with children (ages 5-18)

How to Apply
Send us a cover letter outlining your interest in being a WoW Learning Facilitator:

Additionally, please answer the following questions using the google form linked here:

  1. Please tell us about your background working with children.
  2. Do you have any particular passions, skills, or experiences that you would like to share
    with our community? (Can you dance? Are you involved in climate activism? Do you
    build the most epic sandcastles ever?)
  3. What attracts you to supporting children in a self-directed education context?
  4. How would you foster a learning space at WoW that deeply values social and racial