Our Staff

Jennifer Cuebas

Jen has been practicing, learning and educating children, youth and adults for almost three decades. Her curiosities started as an adolescent in NYC, where she was born and raised. 

Her personal wellness journey led her on a path to study many healing modalities, including Hatha Yoga, herbal medicine, and holistic nutrition. 

Jen currently resides on Huchiun Ohlone Land in the East Bay of San Francisco, where she continues to share holistic medicine, with a particular focus on the nervous system health and community care. Since moving across the country, the experience that has taught her the most and continues to inspire Jen to learn, heal and grow, is becoming a mama. Motherhood is another great reason why she values community care and co-creating spaces where people feel empowered, supported and cared for.

Jen has connected with children since she was a teenager, with her earliest studies in elementary education. She co-facilitated a home daycare in upstate N.Y., led after-school programs in under-resourced neighborhoods in NYC, and guided a wellness program for unhoused youth in Berkeley and Oakland. And now she’s loving holding and sharing space with the sovereign and savvy Wowzers. 

She most enjoys being out on the land with the kids all day, creating together and connecting with the elements of nature. Whether that’s alchemizing herbal medicine like fire cider, making music, crafting art projects like a haunted house amongst the trees, playing Yogi-says, running, climbing, rolling on all kinds of wheels and freely moving in a way that’s in alignment for each individual child. Jen truly appreciates the backdrop of the water, trees and open skies as the kids create a world of wonder and magic. It’s a beautiful gift to be able to witness and guide children to be in their truest nature, follow their intrinsic rhythms and support their curiosities and growth.