Collaboration WOW is a co-created learning community. We each share a commitment to engaging with one another, our learning, bringing our needs and ideas to life, as well as providing and receiving support. Our collaboration requires us all to remain responsive and flexible as we move between our ever interchanging roles as learners, mentors, and community members. Our active community participation is a vital component of our cooperative.

Community We believe community building requires continued attention and intention as we learn and grow in relationship with each other and with the larger communities in which we play and live.  We practice open, honest, and loving communication while trusting each of us is doing the best that we can with the knowledge we have at the moment. We support each other as adults in our own learning and un-learning in order to be better allies with our children.

Child-Centered We value the agency of young people, and their ability to make informed and self-directed choices and decisions about their learning. We follow children’s innate curiosity, and listen deeply to their evolving interests and needs. Play and exploration are central elements of our shared experience.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion We endeavor to create a vibrant sense of belonging, where all members of our community feel seen and valued in the multiplicity of their identities and life experiences. We engage in ongoing self-reflective conversations to advance our understanding of how our beliefs and actions are shaped by the systems of oppression in which we live. We work to proactively and intentionally address systemic inequity and anti-oppressive practices.

Freedom We joyfully make space for young people to BE themselves, to explore, play, pursue their interests, and engage with the world around them. We balance freedom with healthy boundaries and flexible structures. We believe self-directed learning in community is a form of collective liberation and decolonization.

Respect We believe both young people and adults inherently deserve respect. Respect is an active practice that requires all community members to intentionally engage with each other and attempt to see the whole person.

Voice The ability and empowerment to express an attitude and an opinion of one’s own, is centered and respected in our community. All of our voices, opinions, and needs matter.